czwartek, 22 sierpnia 2013

Back to school - perfect notebook ;)

Hi guys! I haven't written here for ages! But i decided to come back. This blog means a lot for me so I just can't throw it away and forget about all of my post here. I deleted them all becuase I moved to the other country - Germany - and also because I want new fresh start for me and this blog. You know, another chance. I will also put videos on YT soon. I hope I could get bask my all readers :)

So anyway. Today I'm here because on 4th September we're back to school ( in Germany, I don't know how it is in the other country) and I couldn't find any cool and cute notebooks here. So I decided to make my own! With decoupage. Have you evere heard of that? No? It's your lucky day. I'm gonna show you, how could you make your own perfect notebook to BACK TO SCHOOL! :)

 All what you need:

  • decorative handkerchieves
  • Brush
  • decoupage glue
  • white acrilic farb
  • and obviously your notebook.

In the first step you have to paint the whole note by white farb. You don't have to do your best. Later you won't see this farb ;) It's just background.
Leave it to dry ;)
 Then you have to cut the tissue. It has to fit into your notebook. It's very important step! Make sure you do it right.
 Put the glue on your brush and just blend it all ove the notbeook. Next, you have to put you tissue very carefully into the cover and crush hands. Than everything will good keeping ;)
 The last step: put your favourites decorations into your notebook. It's your vision, do what you want!

This notebook I use like my diary. But you know. When you will make your own note, every girl in your school will ask you : where did you get that? :)
For me it's so cute and gorgeous! And I made it by myself ;)

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  1. Bardzo ładny ten zeszyt^^
    Udało Ci się ;p
    Pozdrawiam ;*


  2. zaobserwujesz?
    jeśli nie chcesz, nie musisz,
    ale dla mnie byłoby to bardzo ważne..

  3. Sooo beautiful! It`s magnificent!))
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!



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